Roberta is an AIDA Master Freedive Instructor and PADI Freedive Instructor as well as a competition organizer and AIDA Judge.
Over the last 15 years she has volunteered extensively to build and support the freediving community that exists in Vancouver today
She is one of the original founders of AIDA Canada and the current President, is a member of the AIDA International Disciplinary Committee, and a cold water specialist.

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AIDA Canada

AIDA Canada is a not for profit organization devoted to the sport of freediving in Canada and related activities
AIDA Canada is a national delegate and member of the General Assembly of AIDA International, the worldwide sanctioning body for freediving
As a member of AIDA Canada you will benefit a 10% discount on any of the products that Diving Sports Canada offers

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Sea to Sky Freediving

Sea to Sky Freediving is a freediving and spearfishing academy based in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada.
Founded by Canadian freediver and spearo Luca Malaguti, we offer high quality courses, training and adventures in freediving.

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Northwest Freediving

Northwest Freediving is here to ensure education, encourage recreation, and support conservation.
They bring awareness to the mental and physical benefits of freediving and help you engage with nature in a way you never have before.
Whether you are interested in adventures they are here to help you have fun and dive safe!

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