Open Water Course

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  • $ 109.95 CAD

Why train with us?

  • Low student to instructor ratios : 3 or 4 students per instructor both in the pool and ocean

  • Get free Air Fills for a year!!

  • Our retail store is located downtown.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

Student Discount :

Students who decide to sign up for scuba training within 12 months of this course with DS will receive a $50 credit towards their training.

Equipment Rental :

Diving Sports includes all scuba gear for your pool experience. Mask, fins and snorkel and wetsuits are considered personal items in diving but DS does include these for Discover Scuba so students can experience a high quality product before committing to purchasing.

Transportation :

Transport can be provided from our shop to the dive site. We have our shop van (limited to a 2 passenger maximum capacity). Available passenger places in the shop van will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Having a buddy, someone to train or dive with is not required as divers will always be ‘buddied’ up if alone but there are discounts available for more than one student signing up. The discount is applied by ‘adding a buddy’ at the bottom of the sign up process.

Course Description

The Discover Scuba is a great opportunity for any potential divers who aren't sure if SCUBA is for them. A "DSD" is designed to be fun and engaging so you can learn what kind of skills you will be learning during the open water course but also get some free time to swim around and experience breathing underwater for the first time! The Discover Scuba is only one evening. We will be covering the same skills as students attending the first night of the full Open Water course. This way if you decide you want to continue on to the certification you can sign up and carry on without repeating anything!

Discover Scuba Includes

The Discover Scuba, or DSD, includes some online knowledge development to completed before the Confined water pool session. We include all the equipment including masks and snorkels for the DSD, although students who wish to proceed to the full open water course will need to purchase their own for the remaining pool and ocean dives. Students who decide to sign up for the full Open Water course within 12 months the DSD with Diving Sports will receive a $50 credit towards their training.

Commitment to Safety Enjoyment

At Diving Sports we believe in making sure all our students are receiving the highest quality instruction and customer service. Our instructors are open and honest about what your needs are during each part of the course. This means it is normal for some students to be asked to return for extra training (pool or ocean) prior to certification. This ensures all of our students walk away with everything they need to be safe and have fun for every dive they do following the course.

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