Hornby Island

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Why Dive With Us?

  • Passionate Team of Dive professionals with years of experience diving locally.

  • Full Service Dive shop for recreational scuba, technical divers, and freedivers.

  • Opportunities for education and skills expansion on every dive trip.

  • Environment-First Dive practices to help preserve the dive sites we love.

  • All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses.

Respecting the Environment and Marine Life:

Since Hornby Island has been a hotspot for potential sea lion and marine mammal sightings, we are taking extra steps to ensure we minimize our impact on local wildlife. Our dive guides will be ensuring that all divers follow regulations set by the Canadian Government on marine mammal safety as well as using boat charter companies that do the same.

Transportation :

We have a 7 passenger van to transport all divers and equipment to Vancouver Island and back for the day. Divers are welcome to take a spot in the van, or arrange their own transportation to meet at the dock in Deep Bay.

Where Are We Going?

Located off the coast of Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley Region, Hornby Island is a laid-back, remote island paradise known for its rich biodiversity. A long-standing favourite dive destination for local divers, Hornby Island has been known for decades as the perfect place for spotting everything from invertebrates to sharks. Quiet and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver, Hornby boasts pristine dive sites rich in biodiversity. Common sightings include wolf eels, cabazon, giant pacific octopus, california & stellar sea lions, nudibranchs, ling cod, rockfish, jellyfish, harbour seals, bald eagles, and much more!

Protecting our Wildlife:

At Diving Sports, we are passionate about diving in an environmentally responsible way. As we know we are diving in an area where sightings of large marine mammals such as stellar and california sea lions is possible, we will be diving in accordance with Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations. Divers will not approach any marine mammals. All divers will strictly be following the "look, don't touch" rule, otherwise they will be asked to exit the water and remain on the boat for the second dive.

Participants will also be receiving a presentation from a marine mammal expert prior to going on the trip, discussing the critical importance of marine mammals in our local environment, their conservation, and what we can do as divers to watch them responsibly and respectfully.

Who is This Trip for?:

  • Anyone who wants to experience the incredible biodiversity of the Salish Sea
  • Photographers interested in capturing macro life or wide angle action
  • Scubadivers should have advanced certification, and a minimum of 15 cold water dives, with one being in the last 6 months
  • Freedivers should hold beginner to intermediate level certification (or equivalent)
  • Spearfishing is not permitted on this dive trip

  • Itinerary :

  • Feb 16th - evening presentation with marine mammal expert for education about marine mammals, their conservation, regulations, and what we can do as divers to continue efforts to conserve and protect our oceans
  • 4:45am - meet at the shop, pack the van and drive to Horseshoe Bay
  • 6:15am - take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo
  • 9:00am - meet Bill from Big Animal Adventures
  • Spend the day on the boat, diving sites around Hornby Island and/or Denman Island
  • 2:30pm - wrap up on the boat and drive back to Nanaimo
  • 5:55pm - take the ferry back to Horseshoe Bay
  • 8:00pm - back at the shop

  • Commitment to Safety and Enjoyment

    At Diving Sports we believe in making sure all our divers (Scuba and Freedivers) receive the best possible experience while maintaining a high standard for safety, both for the divers, the guide, and the environment we are visiting. Our dive guides have many years of experience diving locally in cold water. All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses. Dive sites or dive plans may be changed due to weather conditions or experience level of the group, as well as anyone not adhering to proper dive practices will politely be asked to adapt to better interact with the underwater environment.

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