Barkley Sound

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  • $ 1500.00 CAD

Why Dive With Us?

  • Passionate Team of Dive professionals with years of experience diving locally.

  • Full Service Dive shop for recreational scuba, technical divers, and freedivers.

  • Opportunities for education and skills expansion on every dive trip.

  • Environment-First Dive practices to help preserve the dive sites we love.

  • All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses.

Respecting the Environment and Marine Life:

At Diving Sports we are passionate about the environment. All of our guides will be making sure divers are following practices to leave our dive sites the same or better than when we get there. All divers will be following the "look, don't touch" rule during all trips to ensure minimum impact with the marine environment and wildlife.

Transportation :

We have a 7 passenger van to transport all divers and equipment to Vancouver Island and back. Divers are welcome to take a spot in the van, or arrange their own transportation to meet Rendezvous Diver Charters in Port Alberni.

What's Included :

  • Transportation to and from Vancouver and Rainy Bay
  • Ferries
  • Three days of boat diving in Barkley Sound
  • Accommodations
  • All meals, except for Friday and dinner on Monday evening
  • Use of kayaks, hot tub, camera room and other amenities
  • Wildlife watching and photo opportunities between dives
  • One evening photography workshop
  • Where Are We Going?

    Barkley Sound is a spectacular location, which boasts some of the world’s best cold water diving. The rich diversity of marine life makes this a favourite location for photographers and marine researchers. Located south of Ucluelet and north of Bamfield Research station on Vancouver Island’s west coast, Barkley Sound hosts an abundance of fish, invertebrates, marine mammals and kelp forests. Encounter giant pacific octopus, wolf eels, ratfish, sixgill sharks, and nudibranchs unique to the area. Above the water, sightings of humpbacks and grey whales, as well as sea lions, bears and bald eagles are common. On this trip, we have the privilege of joining Rendezvous Dive Adventures, a dive lodge and tour operation whose established history of incredible dive experiences speaks for itself. Enjoy home cooked meals, kayaks, a hot tub, camera room and other amenities while being surrounded by the lush, undisturbed nature of Rainy Bay.

    Join us for a 4 day trip to Barkley Sound and experience the world’s best cold water diving!

    Who is This Trip for?:

  • Anyone wishing to experience world class cold water diving
  • Anyone who wants to experience the incredible biodiversity of the Salish Sea
  • Photographers interested in capturing macro life or wide angle action
  • Scubadivers should have advanced certification, and a minimum of 15 cold water dives, with one being in the last 6 months
  • Freedivers should hold beginner to intermediate level certification (or equivalent)
  • Non-divers are also welcome on this trip for a discounted rate
  • Spearfishing is not permitted on this dive trip

  • Itinerary :


  • 9:00am - meet at shop, pack the van, and drive to Horseshoe Bay
  • 11:00am - take ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo
  • 2:00pm - get lunch and drive to Port Alberni
  • 3:30pm - Rendezvous Divers will pick us up, and take a 2 hour boat ride to Rainy Bay
  • 5:30pm - arrive in Rainy Bay, have dinner, and unpack

  • Saturday & Sunday:

  • Enjoy boat dives, kayaking, hot tub, all meals included
  • Optional - underwater photography presentation & workshop
  • Optional - night shore dives

  • Monday:

  • Two early dives, before heading back to the lodge to pack up
  • 1:30pm - boat ride back to Port Alberni
  • 5:55pm - take ferry back to Horseshoe Bay
  • 8:30pm - back to shop

  • Commitment to Safety and Enjoyment

    At Diving Sports we believe in making sure all our divers (Scuba and Freedivers) receive the best possible experience while maintaining a high standard for safety, both for the divers, the guide, and the environment we are visiting. Our dive guides have many years of experience diving locally in cold water. All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses. Dive sites or dive plans may be changed due to weather conditions or experience level of the group, as well as anyone not adhering to proper dive practices will politely be asked to adapt to better interact with the underwater environment.

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