Delta Tackle Crab Caliper
Easily ensure that your catch is legal with the Crab Caliper. It features all of the legal measurements for British Columbia as well as West Coast USA waters.
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Epsealon Fish Stringer
Stainless steel stylet 157mm Black nylon mono line 160 Sleeves protected with heat shrinkable cover
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Spetton Stainless Steel Ring Fish
Stainless Steel Ring Fish Holder 40 cm 4mm stainless with secure and preformed closure
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Immenso Squeeze Handle Catch Bag
Corrosion Resistant Hardware and Handle Spring Loaded Handle Closes Automatically when Released Nylon top and thick mesh bottom design Dimensions: 20“ x 28” (50.8 x 71)
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Epsealon Belt Stringer
Fish stringer with belt mount. Perfect for spearos who prefer keeping their catch on their belt.  15 cm stainless steel stringer Black nylon mono-line 160 mm and sleeves protected by a heat-shrinkable sheath Includes belt holder.
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Eagle Claw Fish Scaler
Fish Scaler, 7-Inch (17.8cm)
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Beuchat Fish Bag
Bag in Mesh Plastic rigid closure
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Epsealon Crimping Tool
The Epsealon Hand Crimper Tool is a pair of precision crimpers designed for use when re-rigging spearguns using nylon monofilament line and copper or aluminium crimp sleeves. It has four positions to suit most sizes of sleeves. The Epsealon Crimping...
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Cressi Dry Box
Portable, small, compact, lightweight and durable Suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, boating, sailing, camping, fishing and other water sports Waterproof floating DRY box capsule storage container Lightweight, durable Great to it take to the beach and...
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Spetton Large Keys Box
Waterproof box for objects.
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Scubapro Go Pro Mask Mount
Enjoy your dive without worrying about losing your GoPro with this convenient mask mount.  Specially designed for the world's most popular sports camera, it fits virtually every dual lens mask on the market, is lightweight and low profile. Secure mounting...
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Spetton Universel Camera Support
Universal adapter for sports cameras.
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Spetton Ankle Weights 500gr
Sold in pairs Resistant neoprene lining Velcro buckles Ankle Weights 500gr
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Danielson FSRH Scaler Fish Rubber
The Danielson Fish Scaler with Rubber Handle features an ergonomic, sure-grip handle. The slip-resistant handle allows for a secure hold to make quick work of scaling a fish.
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XS Scuba The Landing Pad
Beach divers, we’ve heard your cry! You don’t want to put wet, sandy wetsuits and boots in the trunk of your car or in your gear bag with your other gear. The Landing Pad is meant for you. Spread the...
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Beuchat Poncho
1mm neoprene hooded poncho to change easily after your sessions. Arm passages allowing them to be tucked inside and shoulder patronage which allows to be hidden when changing. Hood with elastic tightening and belly pocket.  Composition : 1mm neoprene, outer...
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Epsealon T Bar Tool
T-bar-tool is used for dyneema wishbone
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Epsealon Poncho Hunt Apnea
Poncho with hood made in towel material. A zipper on each side provides easy access to his pants to put on / take off.
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Speedo Unisex Team Parka
The Speedo Team Parka will keep you warm going to and from the pool and on the pool deck at practice and swim meets. Unisex Adult sizing Water-resistant outer shell with hood Fleece-lined interior Two external side pockets and an...
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Beuchat Camera Support Hero
Camera Support Hero for GO PRO
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