C4 Volare Fin Bag
TOP VOLARE BAG is a bag/backpack which has been designed large enough to transport every model of plastic and carbon fiber fins available on the market. More diving equipment, such as wetsuits, masks and snorkels can be fitted inside this...
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Cressi Gorilla Pro
A large and roomy bag, plenty of space for storage. Internal capacity of 4.75 cu ft (135 liters). The bag is long enough to hold even the long free diving fins. It is made from a strong radio frequency (RF)...
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Cressi Dry Gara Backpack 60L
The Cressi Dry Gara Backpack is a comfortable watertight daypack made from black highly resistant PVC material. It is the ideal bag for carrying your equipment in any challenging situation, even on a motorcycle. It has side fasteners for carrying...
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Beuchat Mundial Backpack 2
Designed to hold spearfishing equipment, especially: • Very large long fins - up to 100 cm (this compartment is 6 cm higher than the previous version) • A mask, suit, snorkel, belt, knife and a speargun  
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STANDARD is a bag designed specifically to carry spearguns and it features a reinforcement on its bottom. Long double slider zipper. Adjustable shoulder and hand straps. MATERIAL: High resistance HF welded Tarpaulin DIMENSIONS: 67” X 11” X 8”
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Beuchat Backpack HD Dry
HD : High Durability Waterproof welded bag with reinforced bottom. Rinse purge Wide access from the top and front zip to access the gear stored at the bottom of the bag. Quilted backpack carrying
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Beuchat Mundial Spearguns bag
PVC coated material Integrated zip fastener with eyelets for padlock Internal elastic retaining strap and carry strap Dimensions: Ø 20x185cm
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Beuchat Apnea backpack
Outer pocket for mask and snorkel Side air inlets help your gear dry more quickly Adjustable shoulder straps Side carry handle Dimensions: 98x30x13cm
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Salvimar Cyclops 100L
Large equipment bag, made of new 420D “Ripstop” fabric, double weave, waterproof zipper closing. The long handles allow you to carry by hand, by shoulder and as backpack
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Salvimar DRY BIG 100L
Large equipment bag completely watertight, made of sturdy PVC Tarpaulin, waterproof zipper closing. It houses a complete apnea set, fins included. Watertight joints and drain valve for water. The long handles allow you to carry by hand, by shoulder and...
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Omer Sporasub Dry Backpack
The Dry Backpack is made of TPU-coated polyurethane, completely HF sealed andseamless. Its large size makes it possible to transport all types of spearfishingequipment including long freedive fins. TPU-coated polyurethane HF sealed Big enough to fit long blades Roll top...
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Omer Speargun Bag Standard
Speargun bag made of 840 denier Nylon. It features a Velcro closure and an internalpocket to carry additional equipment. It is 160cm long. 160cm (67 inches) 3 separate compartments Cinch top closure Shoulder strap
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Salvimar Dry Backpack 60l/80l
Completely waterproof gear back pack, made ​of sturdy PVC. Tarpaulin, rolling closing and watertight joints. Equipped with padded shoulder and removable straps, can be carried by hand or shoulder. Capacity max. 80 liters Can also accommodate a pair of freediving...
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Seac Fins Bag
Seac Apnea, Backpack Shoulder Bag for Long Fins and other Freediving Equipment, 95x21x16 cm The 3-sided U-shaped zipper allows not only to easily transport long fins and other equipment up to 4 kg, but also to dry the bag in...
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Salvimar Fluyd FIN BAG
Backpack for long/professional fins Half-perimetral double slider zipper Adjustable strap for shoulder carriage Made in strong watertight nylon Wide front pocket over 3 sides
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Cressi Piovra
The Piovra is a special backpack conceived for transporting spearfishing and freediving gears. It features a main compartment big enough for storing a pair of long fins (up to 39 in / 100 cm) equipped with a netting for ventilation....
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